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Mia Colore

Passion Inspires!

Italy, a unique country that can only be described with one word.......passion!

The rich history and variety of products from this beautiful country have been an inspiration to many for decades. Each product seems imbued with an exquisite charm and elegance that speaks to the imagination, something the Italians are proud of.

Mia Colore, which is Italian for "My Color", originates from a passion for the beautiful colors of the Italian landscape. Based on the soft hues of the well-known Renaissance frescoes that are still prevalent in Italian life today, Mia Colore offers you chalk based paint and limepaint in 67 refined shades that speak to the imagination.

Nature is paramount for Mia Colore, the inspiration for creating its characteristic colors. They are made with only the best 100% natural pigments. The Mia Colore limepaint - Calce Vernice - is a 100% mineral, environmentally friendly, paint.

Our customers everywhere who work with our products with much enthusiasm and pleasure, are a source of inspiration for Mia Colore.

Enjoy the unique charm and passion of Italy....enjoy Mia Colore!