Show your true color, by Ellen Pitlo

19 November, 2015 08:44

Italy is a country where passion plays a central role. Think of art, food and landscape. As red is the color of passion: fascinating, impulsive and dynamic, it also stands for courage and succes. The Italians love red.

Red appears in a variety of ways, such as scarlet, pepper, cranberry, ruby and cherry. But none of these has the glamour of true “Ferrari red”. Since red stimulates a certain activity in the brain that increases breathing and pulsrate, it is associated with energy, challenge. That’s why we see this color appear so often in the logo’s of important Italian brands. The Roman army wore red uniforms, because red is not only associated with energy, but also with power and force.

The 16th century Venetian painter Vittore Carpaccio, had a special love for red. That’s why the immens popular appetizer, Beef carpaccio, is named in his honor.

Red is the color that speaks to people the most. It is sometimes said this goes back to prehistoric times when our ancestors survived mainly on plants and fruits. Red draws attention and is also associated with danger. Therefore red lights and signs are important markers in our society. Red is the color of blood, life, warmth. It's the color of the heart and thus the color of…love.

Mia Colore carries two beautiful reds in its color palette; Sunset and Cardinal Red. These match match very well with other warm tones like yellow (Sunglow) and orange (Copper). Soft purple (Grape Juice) will add more depth to red.

Combine red especially with neutrals like Pure White, Alp White, Colosseum Beige and warm Beige. Greys also combine well with red.

Red will add some passion to your interior, it is ideal to liven up your kitchen, living room or playroom. Red is a perfect way to create ambiance and as we say in Holland “gezelligheid”!

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