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22 Maart, 2016 18:57

Spring blog

For my blogs about the exclusive Mia Colore brand of paints I decided to approach the colour chart from a different angle this time: I looked at the names of the colours as they relate to the magnificent Italian landscape. That way I came up with no less than three mood boards that speak for themselves!

Mia Colore Alpine Blue – The mountains, the scenery...the Alps

Some people love the beach and the ocean, others prefer mountains and lakes. That is a good thing because otherwise we would all be spending our holidays in the same place.

Italy offers something for everyone, that is why it is such a wonderful country to visit. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful, especially in the vicinity of the Alps. It is a great area for hiking, biking, rafting or skiing. You may have seen pictures of it in the media. That is how I picked up a few beautiful images of this soft-blue pastel colour called Alpine Blue.

How do you like the soft grey-blue sky over the mountain tops and the famous lakes, such as Lake Garda, Lago Maggiore and Lake Como? The pastel-blue wild flowers also fit into this colour palette. Do you love blue? Then this mood board is for you!




Mia Colore Lemon Pie – the food, the pure ingredients...Jamie's Italy

Years ago a valued colleague gave me the cookbook Jamie's Italy as a gift. For Jamie Oliver, too, Italy has always been a great source of inspiration. He traveled through Sicily up to Tuscany and beyond to discover the secrets of the real chefs – the locals – of the Italian kitchen.

I have made many dishes from this cookbook but one without question remains my favorite: limoni di Amalfi cotti al forno, or oven-baked Amalfi lemons. My mouth begins to water because as I write this, the beautifully designed cookbook lies beside me on the table with a picture of Jamie as he is making this recipe. I put it on this mood board so that you can enjoy it too! Of course I found a good picture of the lemon pie itself, a delicious lemon spaghetti, and a strong stracciatella soup with lemon juice. Bon appetit!


Mia Colore Pink Blossom - Tuscany, the blossoms...the flower-Riviera

Part of the Italian coast is sometimes called the flower-Riviera. It borders on Tuscany which also has beautiful scenery with magnificent colours. I soon found lovely pictures of pink blossom trees adorning the street scene, and a pink façade of a typical Tuscan villa.

And of course I also checked the work of Italian top designers. In the area of fashion and interior design Italy is unequalled. I found a lovely soft-pink jacket from the 2016 Armani spring collection and a stylish sofa by Moroso.

Don't you long for spring when you see these pastel colours by Mia Colore? Let one of the dealers advise you and bring all the beauty of Italy into your home with the Mia Colore chalk-based or lime paints. Enjoy!


Blogger: Mascha Ekkel, owner of www.leemwonen.nl

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