Chalk based Paint

The environmentally-friendly mineral Mia Colore Chalk based paint - Gesso Vernice -, with its matte, velvety look, gives your home a unique character. The addition of natural pigments creates a deep, intense color, available in no less than 67 Mia Colore shades.

  • Mineral
  • Ultra matte
  • Velvet, powdery appearance
  • Excellent coverage
  • Made with 100% natural pigments
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly

Mia Colore chalk based paint is available at Mia Colore dealers and will be available in the USA from November 2015. It is available in 0.5 liter and 1 liter.

Ask for our handpainted color chart or 500 ml can at

Our chalk based paint, produced following age-old traditions, is odorless, easy to work with, washable and covers well. The moisture-regulating and breathing properties of our chalk based paint promote a good climate in your home and thus makes it ideal for use on walls and furniture in any room. In addition, there is a selection of 67 colors available for every interior and every style.

Mia Colore Gesso Vernice - Chalk Based Paint

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Chalk based paint is a very practical type of wall paint. Chalk based paint is colorfast, is easy to clean and simple to maintain. Mia Colore chalk based paint can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Note that chalk based paint can be touched up but the colors may not quite match.

Maintenance of chalk based paint

Do you want to protect your chalk based painted walls against large amounts of water, grease, acids and other contamination? In that case we suggest you apply the Mia Colore matte varnish, Vernici, for protection. This varnish was especially developed for our calcium and chalk based paints to provide good protection without affecting the matte character.

Application of chalk based paint


Applying chalk based paint to walls or furniture is very simple and it can be applied to many types of bases. To apply it to a porous material with strong absorption, a base coat of Mia Colore primer (available in color) is recommended in order to prevent differences in appearance and to provide better coverage.

Chalk based paint can be applied on:

  • Stucco
  • Wall paper
  • Brick
  • Wood paneling
  • Furniture
  • Latex

Paint techniques

Mia Colore chalk based paint can be applied with various painting techniques and used both indoors and outdoors. If there are no unwanted rough spots in the area to be painted, it is usually not necessary to sand before you paint. Do make sure the surface is free of dust and grease.

For an authentic effect apply the undiluted paint with a chalk brush or other type of flat brush. With this method the brush strokes remain visible. This creates an authentic wall finish, which makes chalk based paint also ideally suited for historic buildings.



For a smooth effect, we suggest applying chalk based paint with a roller or spray gun. If desired, dilute the paint with a small amount of water for a better result. The powdery, intense color creates a warm living environment.

Due to its authentic look, chalk based paint is often used on furniture. Mia Colore chalk based paint has a very matte, powdery look, and is easy to work with. The Mia Colore chalk based paint goes on smoothly, making it simple to create antique effects and beautiful patination. No preparation is needed, but make sure  that your piece is free of grease, dust, wax and/or silicones.


No wax/finish is needed but if you want to give some extra protection against spillage (for example on tabletops) our matte varnish - Vernici - is a perfect protective sealer. No yellowing, transparent and very matte to preserve the original look.

For additional information about chalk based paint on furniture click here.

The colors of Mia Colore

The Mia Colore chalk based paint is standard available in 67 magnificent, full and deep colors. All Mia Colore dealers offer the hand-painted color charts. Visit the Mia Colore dealer closest to you, allow yourself to be inspired by our extensive color palette, and welcome the unique rustic charm of Italy into your home!

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Difficulty choosing the right color?

Mia Colore's 5 most popular colors are:

  1. Etna Ashes
  2. Pure White
  3. Greystone
  4. Morning Mist
  5. Vatican Ground

Chalk based paint is often confused with lime paint. These are two completely different types of paint. Lime paint is rougher, more nuanced, and looks uneven. Chalk-based paint, on the other hand, is even in color and has a velvety look. Both are characterized by the distinctive, intense colors created by our natural pigments.

Technical information

Technical information

Dry after 1 hour. Can be repainted after 4 hours. Shelf life: 12 months in closed original can.
Availablilty in USA : 0,5 liter and 1,0 liter
  • First coat covers about 10 - 12 m2 per liter/108 ft2 - 129 ft2 per liter
  • 2nd coat covers about 12 - 15 m2 per liter/129 ft2 - 161 ft2 per liter
This is an indication only, coverage can vary depending surface, absorption and application technique. Dilute with about 10-15% water. Can be applied by roller or brush (for more hand-applied finish).


Do not use when temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius (23 F) or humidity of 80% Safety sheets available at dealer.

Keep out of reach of children

Always consult our technical data sheets.

VOC max 30gr/L

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