Krijtverf verwerken en aanbrengen

Applying chalk based paint to walls or furniture is very simple and it can be applied to many types of bases. To apply it to a porous material with strong absorption, a base coat of Mia Colore primer (available in color) is recommended in order to prevent differences in appearance and to provide better coverage.


  • First coat covers about 10 - 12 m2 per liter/108 ft2 - 129 ft2 per litre
  • 2nd coat covers about 12 - 15 m2 per liter/129 ft2 - 161 ft2 per litre
This is an indication only, coverage can vary depending surface, absorption and application technique. Dilute with about 10-15% water. Can be applied by roller or brush (for more hand-applied finish).



Dry after 1 hour. Repaintable after 4 hours. Sustainablity; 12 months in closed original can.
Availablilty in USA : 0,5L and 1,0L


Do not use when temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius (23 F) or humidity of 80% Safety sheets available at dealer.

Keep out of reach of children

Always consult our technical data sheets.




Verfresten laten opdrogen en laten ophalen of deponeren bij een erkende verwerker.
VOS klasse a. grenswaarde 2010 : 30gr/L dit product bevat maximaal 30gr/L VOS