Kalkverf - Calce Vernice

Lime paint - Calce Vernice, is one of the oldest and most traditional types of paint, dating back to long before Christ and since Pompeï eternalised in stunning pieces of art also known as Fresco’s. 

Even today this incomparable paint enthralls both young and old.

This environmentally-friendly paint, prepared by Mia Colore with traditional techniques, can be recognized by the exquisite color variations and its nuanced and powdery look. The authentic ambiance this paint gives to your walls becomes gradually more beautiful over time.

The Mia Colore lime paint is available in 1 and 2.5* litre. Choose from the 67 stylish Italian colors at your Mia Colore dealer. 

The Mia Colore lime paint is a 'breathing', ecological, environmentally friendly, paint. Mia Colore lime paint is 100% mineral with natural pigments.

This paint is ideally suited to lend your interior a warm, rustic appeal and offers:

To neutralize an existing base we suggest always priming with our special wall primer - Muro di Primer, which provides a mineral base for the calcium paint.

Mia Colore lime paint does not stain, however it is not washable unless protected by a matte varnish - Vernici. This varnish can be wiped with a damp cloth; this does not affect the unique appearance of the Mia Colore lime paint.

Consult your dealer for more technical advice.

* 2.5 litre not yet available in USA

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