Frequent Asked Questions


Can I apply lime paint with any common block brush?

Yes.         As long as you use a good quality brush, for example one with pig skin hair. The quality of the brush affects the texture and look of the paint. Lime paint can also be applied with a sponge or a towel.

Can I apply lime paint with a roller?

No.       It will leave pigment- and roller marks and this technique does not generate the typical look of lime. Lime lumps will accumulate at the edges of the roller.


Should I prep the surface?

Yes.        Depending on the surface a decent prep may be necessary. For good adhesion on non mineral surfaces we recommend 1 layer of Mia Colore Primer.


Is it possible to apply lime paint on lacquer?
No..        Unless you sand it untill it is matte and prep it with our special primer first.


Is it possible to apply lime paint over latex?
Yes.        Lime paint can be applied over latex, as long as the Mia Colore primer is used first for good adhesion. Primer can be ordered in the same colors as lime paint.

Lime paint

Is it possible to apply lime paint on top of lime paint?
Yes.        But lime paint has to be fully dry and cured. Our advice is to wait for at least 48 hours. Mia Colore primer might be helpful to eliminate the absorbent property of lime paint.


Is it possible to paint wallpaper with lime paint?
Yes.        As long as Mia Colore primer is used first. Be carefull with wallpaper that has a texture, it affects the natural texture and appearance of lime paint.

Wood & MDF

What about lime paint on wood?
Yes.        Prep is not necessary on new wood. For MDF we recommend applying 1 layer of Mia Colore primer.


Can lime paint be applied on plaster and stucco?
Yes.        Adhesion on a mineral surface is very good, but it has to be dry and solid. Remove loose parts and dust. Mia Colore primer might be helpful to eliminate the absorbent property of stucco.


Does lime paint revile colour?
No.     That used to be the case with old lime paints, but not with our products.


Is limepaint washable?
No.     Lime paint is porous, it will absorb the stain. Removing it with water will make it worse.

Varnish - Vernici

Can I protect lime paint?
Yes.       For high traffic areas like kitchens and hallways we recommend protecting the limepaint with Mia Colore matte varnish - Vernici to make it washable. It will protect the limepaint without losing its typical appearance. Vernici is transparent, non yellowing and very matte. Note!  Lime paint must be fully cured before applying Vernici. Wait at least 7-10 days. Apply 2 thin layers, with 12 hours in between layers. For more info consult the technical datasheet of Vernici. If applied too soon or too thick you might get a white haze on dark colours.

Wet rooms

Can lime paint be applied in a bathroom or restroom?
Yes.        Lime paint is bacteria- and mold resistant and very suitable for humid rooms. However, it is not suitable for the interior part of the shower of around the bath tub. Note! In case of direct contact with water, water activates lime and can therefore cause stains. To protect your wall and make it water repellant we recommend to use Mia Colore Vernice.

Drying time

How long does it take for lime paint to dry?
In general we suggest waiting 8 hours in between the layers.


How long can I keep limepaint?
In a closed can and frost free at least 12 months. Once opened at least 6 months. Limepaint is 100% ecological and made with natural pigments. Dark colors can fade sooner due to lime.


Is Mia Colore lime paint environmentally friendly?
Yes.        Our lime paint is made of 100% mineral ingredients and very ecological. Due to the lime in the product, we recommend using hand gloves to protect your skin.


Can lime paint be mixed with other paints?

Can I mix different Mia Colore limepaints?
Yes.        It is possible to create nice effects and blend colors this way.


How many square feet can I cover with Mia colore lime paint?
The indication is in between 108 - 129 square feet. It depends on the surface and application technique.


Should I dilute Mia Colore limepaint??
Yes.        Adding water may make the paint easier to work with but also has an effect on the color and appearance. Depending on the thickness of the paint we suggest diluting the first layer about 15 to 30% and the second layer about 15%. Prevent potential differences in color by keeping the ratios equal between multiple cans of paint. For special effects, limepaint can be diluted up to 1:1. Before you begin, always check the technical data sheet.